My home arcade is better than Galaxy World!
Warehouse Raid #1

NOTE: This trip was a learning experience. So learn from my mistakes - however fun this looks to you, keep in mind that I got royally screwed on this deal. There are certain people in this hobby that might try to exploit your enthusiasm. Read and learn.
Once you purchase 25 games, you better either get a shipper, or rent a truck. I chose the truck. I shopped around the internet well in advance and found a decent 25' truck deal from Penske. It was cheaper to rent it one way from Ames, IA to Peoria than it would have been to rent it local and pay mileage. (Had to explain that to the lady at the rental place, because she kept asking where in IA I was moving from hehe). So I got the biggest one they had for ~$270, which is an excellent price.
Once I got to the warehouse, I saw just tons of games. Very cool, but only a few were for me. These are not the games I got, just a picture to let you get the feel... Oh yeah, and before you ask me about that Bosconian in the pic, it was converted to something awful, so dont ask :)
O.K. Here is the first row containing my stuff. Oh! That poor Tutankham! I may convert it back (if I can). I had a real nice one back in '92 and sold it for $200. Oh! What was I thinking? Oh well - I will test the Golden Tee guts and probably kit it out.
Here's row 2, nothing too exciting, huh. That Asteroids in the back there was converted to Rush 'N Attack, but the cabinet is sweet. In fact, it is probably in better shape cosmetically than the unhacked Asteroids I bought. Who knows, I may switch it over. I am afraid to look under the CPO, however :p The yellow cabinet way back there is a converted Centipede (Big Event Golf). The CP is unhacked and the ARII is there, so I am going to restore it. Stay tuned for the Centipede resto page...
Yes that is another converted Tutankham behind the Turbo. That one is Capcom Bowling. Sheesh. Another kit will be extracted from that one I imagine, being that it has no monitor installed. If you need a Tut or Pooyan cabinet for your project, Let me know... Notice here that the technician was kind enough to bolt a monitor to the seat of the cockpit. I don't know why he did this. I do know that I have to fill holes in the plastic now, not to mention the fact that I sat on a broken screw later on in the day and ripped my pants. I love this hobby!
Well, I finally got my Asteroids. I was plesantly suprised to discover the older Lunar Lander style coin door on this one and decent sides. She powers up but doesn't work. I have LED's on the PCB and on the deflection board, heater works (have "neck glow"), but no picture. Game doesn't play blind, so I'll hazard a guess that the MPU is on the fritz. I'll check this all out later.
Just a note: Look closely and you'll notice that I am soaked with sweat. It was in the 90's that day and the warehouse was not well ventillated. So if you were thinking of getting into this hobby, remember that before you can play, you gotta sweat :) And Oh did I sweat...
Funny thing - without saying a word both Jon Davis and I showed up to the warehouse wearing our RGVAC (Doc007) T-shirts. Sure helps when you're looking for someone you've never actually seen before :) Hats off to Jon here - I gave him a Nintendo Vs. cab and in turn, he helped me lug every last game across the warehouse and into the truck. He wanted the cab to transfer his dualsystem guts into - I didn't test the cab before he took it, but he informed me that the power supply was deader than a doornail, which is actaully above par for this lot, being that it actually came with a power supply that he could repair! (Later inspection revealed many games missing their PSU altogether...) Here Jon is wheeling away a Mario Bros. Thanks Jon!
Yeah! It is all loaded and ready to go. I was soooo ready to drive off with the AC cranked up. I guesstimated the capacity of the truck and was pretty close. 2 cockpits, 1 cocktail 20 uprights, 4 loose monitors/chassis and a pin all fit (except for the head to the pin, I kept that in the cab with me). Good thing Jon took that cab, I was full up.
Ahh, the drive home was relaxing. Here's me cruising Interstate 80 with a box full of games, a cool drink and the AC cranked. The truck could barely keep at 65 when loaded down. Hills were a bitch :) But this ain't a race, just need to get it home in 1 piece, right?
And I thought loading was tough! The truck might be big, but it only has a ramp to access the box.
Note to self: Next time? Get a liftgate.
Unloading using the ramp was a bit precarious, especially the cockpits which were a real bear. My friend Mike from UHACC helped unload, which I appreciate. I wouldn't have been able to go it alone. I hoped that the night would bring cooler air. But wouldn't you know, it was one of those hot, hot, muggy summer nights. Solution? Chug lotsa water. Take lots of breaks.
...almost done. The reason that Subroc 3D is still sitting in the front is that Subroc is monstrous! That game has to be the tallest, heaviest upright single I've ever moved. Does Sega fill their games with lead? I did finally unload it with much grunting and griping hehe :)
Finally done. All the games are in my shop. I was beat and about to collapse. My shirt was soaked from sweat and "dirty" didn't adequately describe me afterwards. A shower and a good night's sleep felt awesome.