My home arcade is better than Galaxy World!
Arcade Raid!
Every collector has one of those days where he finds and buys a truckload of games. I just wish mine weren't all in the dead of winter. Oh well - when the opportunity arises we have to act I suppose :)
My co-worker Craig and I were scanning the 'net for deals when we noticed an arcade chain that was trying to unload just a whole bunch of games relatively inexpensively. We gathered up our nickles and dimes, called the ops to arrange the sale, got a U-Haul and made a day of it. Aside from it being like 15 below out that day, it was pretty sweet.

Step 1: Get a Truck
We didn't want to waste time going back and forth, so we decided to get a moving van. Notice also our cheapo $40 furniture dolly. Of course you could use the one in the truck, but they'll charge ya for it.

Step 2: 1st Stop - Moline IL
We stopped off in Moline where a nice attendant/tech named Kyle greeted us. He also informed us that they had no games for sale. Since the op wouldn't even come down to talk to us, Kyle had to manage the exchange between us and him. After reading our comments, complaints and the printout we obtained from their corporate office, the man upstairs all of the sudden realized that we were the ones who arranged to come by and that they did indeed have games for sale. Poor Kyle, he endured all of our frustration and didn't quit. We probably owe him a beer or something. Anyway, for our trouble, we rolled outta there with a minty dedicated Smash TV, a nice Stun Runner and a nice Capcom X-Men vs Streetfighter in a Dynamo cabinet.

Step 3: 2nd Stop - Davenport IA
We made it to Davenport later on in the afternoon and encountered few problems. In fact the op wishes we had taken more. I love wheeling games through the mall. The looks I get are priceless. Especially from kids. They have that "He bought a whole huge game" look in their eyes. I feel the same way hehe :)
Anyway, There we procured an X-men 4 player, (which I was fairly excited about) an X-Men 6 player, a Marvel Superheroes vs. Streetfighter, and a Run n Gun 4 player in a 2 screen wedge cabinet. The truck being full, we posed with the spoils of our hunt and headed home.

Step 4: Get Road Food for the Haul Back Home
I don't know what it is about being on the road that makes us crave the weirdest crap. For Craig here, it was definitely beef jerky. I prefer coke, red licorice and those fried pork thingies. Gotta have it. Makes chuX0r a better trucker :)

Step 5: Unload
There are no pictures for this part. It was late and I helped Craig push/pull a 600 lb game up a flight of stairs only to find that it totally wouldn't fit through his door. Taking a picture of this fiasco didn't occur to me at the time, but it should have. He finally got it in the next day after removing the door frame to his place and removing the control panels. I just unloaded my games into my garage. We were totally zonked after this and crashed soundly.