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Index of Arcade & Coin-op WWW Links
Last Updated: February 3, 2004

Table of Contents

  • Other People's Indices
  • Arcade Auction Info
  • Games for Sale
  • HOWTOs, Reference & FAQs
  • Find Parts!
  • Raster Monitor Tech
  • XY (vector) Monitor Tech
  • Capcom CPS2 Tech
  • Other Arcade Repair Links
  • Other Arcade Foo...(good stuff - don't ignore :)

    KLOV - Killer List of Video Games
    VAPS - Video Arcade Preservation Society
    Twin Galaxies - Video Game World Records keepers.

    Bookmark (Index) pages

    Bookmarks - Video Games
    Arcade Info Directory (links)
    Mark's Arcade Retro Site
    WebRing: hub
    Coinop Links
    Collecting and Maintaining Links

    Auction Watching

    eBay: Arcade

    R & S Promotions - Chicagoland Show
    Super Auctions, buy or sell in coin operated auctions.
    Arcade Game Collecting
    US Amusement Auctions
    Gamemasters Auction Calender

    Games for Sale

    Namco Arcade Game Sales - Clearance
    Sega Distributors
    Stern Pinball
    Capcom Main Page
    Atlas Distributing, Inc.
    Eldorado Games Ltd.
    Coast to Coast Entertainment Online Catalog -Vending
    New Way Sales
    Chicagoland Classic Coin-Op
    Arcade Shop
    Patster's (Chicago Area)
    Mantis Amusements (630)
    K & S Amusements
    APPOLO's Arcade

    ArcadeShopper Coin-op video games, Arcade Games | Pinball | Redemption Games for sale
    Game Room Classifieds
    Coin-Op Yellow Pages - Coin-Operated Amusement Devices - Arcade Games - Pinball Machines - Video Games
    VAPS: Other Links
    Mr. Pinball Classifieds: Pinball Machines For Sale: All Entries

    HOWTOs, Reference & FAQs

    Arcade Restoration Workshop - (primers, tutorials,tips)
    I Want To Build a Game! (Bob Roberts' how to build a game)
    Hints on repairing arcade boards
    Artwork scans + Tech tips:
    Chip Burning & T'shooting EVERYTHING!!
    Gamearchive Video Game FAQs, Tips, Maintenance
    Tech Tips
    Video repair information
    Repair tips, pinouts, links
    Braze Technologies (DK/DKJr tech and more...)
    PINBALL: Restoring Pinball Games TOC
    NTE Electronics Semiconductor Cross Reference Search

    SPIES: 'Wiretap' Archive Free resource closed due to abuse by assholes.
    "The Book" by Atari Also gone (was on SPIES)
    Schematics of all kinds: Arcadeconnection
    STORMASTER - Arcade Manuals Another great one closed due to abuse.
    Monitor manuals (PDF) Mike's Arcade Shop
    The Arcade Librabry (basementarcade)

    Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ - FAQs
    ROM-Fixing Using MAME: How-To
    PCB repair tips
    Transistor Cross Reference Database
    The Dead Battery Society
    Lawnmower Man Repair tips index
    Pseudonym's Archive
    Mike's Arcade (MikeHaaland)
    Thomas Scherrer Z80-Family Official Support Page
    Bally PCB Repairs
    Electronics Acronym Dictionary
    Rick's Game Repair
    Arcade Dimensions
    James Marous' Classic Arcade Games
    CRT - how it works

    Parts for sale

    The Real Bob Roberts: Coin-op Parts
    Mike's Arcade Shop
    Arcade Shop Amusements - Parts, Supplies & Upgrades
    Arcade Renovations
    COPOCAMARO Arcade Art
    Phoenix Arcade
    K & S Amusements
    GW Trading Co. Price Listings
    Happ Controls
    Betson Imperial
    Competitive Products
    Centsible Amusements
    Video Connection
    Game Room Classifieds
    Wizzes Workhsop (repro & replacement parts!)
    The Basement Arcade - parts
    Atari Parts
    DreamWeaver Amusements (PCBs)
    Art's Arcade Games
    arcadecollector: parts etc
    Coinop Amusements (Michigan)
    Brian Pipa - parts
    Game Masters - Parts FS
    Multigame.Com (boards & IC's)
    James' Wanted and Trade Page
    Ted Jackson FS/FT list
    Gatorcade - GT parts
    Nerd Enterprises - parts

    Raster Monitor Tech

    Installing a Cap Kit
    How To Install a Cap Kit
    CRT - how it works
    Monitor manuals (PDF) Mike's Arcade Shop
    Monitor ID Page
    LCD Panel Fun !!

    XY (vector) Monitor Tech

    Game tech: Jed Margolin
    BW vector FAQ and guide
    GameArchive Atari Vector Monitor Page
    Electrohome G05
    VECTORLIST Archives

    CPS2 Info

    CPS-2 Shock
    The Dead Battery Society

    More Repair-Related Links

    Manual digest for sale: Star Tech Journal Coin-Op Repair
    Classic Arcade Game Art Scans
    Device Programmer adapters
    Elektron Forge Video Game Repair service
    Welcome to the PCB Arcade Board
    RomCenter Home Page
    JROK Land

    Gameroom Tech

    iLight Technologies

    More Links

    Dan Coogan's excellent Gravitar site! - dedicated to the 1982 Atari classic video arcade game Gravitar. Hints and playing tips with screen captures included.
    BK's Video Games - Message Board
    The Broken Joystick
    Videogames History museum
    Arcade Matrix (much pinball foo)
    The Ten Commandments of Coin-Op Etiquette - Flux Magazine
    C l a s s i c a d e
    Videotopia (game museum) in Washington, D.C.
    emu Gaming - Uncovering Gaming Piece by Piece

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